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Our history

Nuits Paradis is a young Belgian streetwear brand founded by two young people from Walloon Brabant and Brussels. With our technical knowledge acquired during our studies in Namur, we launched this project to share our creations. The name "Nuits Paradis" symbolizes the fusion between darkness and the light present in everyone, inspired by a place from our childhood, "Lac Paradis" in Braine-L'Alleud.

In terms of clothing, our focus has always been visual identity. However, during the development of the project, we became aware of the problems of fast fashion and the associated pollution. This is why we opted for the reuse of fabrics and limited releases (small drops). We have therefore created an upcycling range in our store in order to offer unique pieces and contribute to more responsible fashion.

Stickers Nuits Paradis


Our clothing is altered in Belgium, offering embroidery services on classic sweaters.

For more elaborate models, we use flocking and screen printing techniques. Our collections (drops) are designed according to our current mood, completing the store with items available in small quantities.

Therefore, it is essential to remain attentive so as not to miss the opportunity to acquire an exclusive piece! New hand-made bags are regularly dropped on the site in small quantities to maintain the rare quality that makes the brand.

We also work with upcycled pieces such as bags, bucket hats, etc. It's handmade by us.